Monthly Archives: September 2019

What Water Damage Can You Clean Yourself?

What Water Damage Can You Clean Yourself? It’s been less than a week since Tropical Storm Imelda showed her wrath, and Texans are still reeling from the affects as the begin to assess the damage done to their homes by floodwaters. Every year flooding wreaks havoc on homes and commercial property. If your home or…
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Designing Your Home’s Exterior

Designing Your Home’s Exterior If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind, majestic-looking home that causes people to slow down to have a look, then building a custom home is right for you. Building a custom home allows you to design the exterior just as awe-worthy as the interior. At Ilcor Builders you will work with a…
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Designing A Functional Kitchen Layout

Designing A Functional Kitchen Layout It’s tempting when designing a custom home to focus on form over function. The excitement of picking out cabinets and countertop surfaces can distract you from the importance of a functional kitchen. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a showroom-worthy kitchen design, you should prioritize function over form—after all…
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