3 Common Reasons To Need Ilcor’s Modular Buildings

3 Common Reasons To Need Ilcor’s Modular Buildings


There are several reasons why you may need a temporary modular building. A natural disaster, influx of inventory, or product demand increasing can cause the necessity for temporary extra space.

But while your need for space may vary, quality will not with Ilcor Builders. Whether you are a small business, Independent School District (ISD), or large corporation, Ilcor Builders is there to serve our community by offering quality-built modular buildings to your Austin area location.

Here are some of the reasons you may need modular buildings from Ilcor Builders:


Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster

modular offices after hurricane flooding damage austin builderIn Texas we unfortunately must deal with the occasional hurricane and flooding. If your business property takes on damage you may not be able to service your customers. But with a temporary modular office or warehouse space, you can be up and running without significant revenue loss while your property is repaired.





Overcrowded School

overcrowded schools modular classroom builder austin texasIt’s no secret that most schools are running on a skeleton budget, and construction of new buildings can be costly and time consuming. Ilcor Builders offers a solution: Mobile classrooms that look and feel traditionally built at a fraction of the cost. Whether your school needs a temporary building to handle an influx of new students or a permanent learning space, Ilcor Builders can help meet your needs while maintaining your budget.



Excess Inventory

inventory modular building storage north austin custom modular buildingCertain times of year your business may be bulging with inventory. This could be because of the holiday season, a reduced bulk rate you were able to get, or just stocking in preparation from yearly forecasting your needs. When your inventory needs to be temperature controlled, protected, and easily accessible to your employees and customers, turn to Ilcor Builders to provide your ideal, custom storage facility at a moment’s notice.


Ilcor Builder’s mobile buildings can support any project you have. Our buildings our custom built, on-site, with the aesthetics of your current environment considered. It’s important for your business or school to remain productive but looking professional while doing it is equally important.


For more information on how mobile building space can meet the temporary and permanent needs of your business, please contact us for a free consultation at our design studio in North Austin, or in the comfort of your office.


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Ilcor Builders has been building custom modular buildings for your business in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1963. We are a family owned business with over 50 years’ experience building modular spaces. We would love the opportunity to discuss your business’ needs in our design studio in North Austin or in the comfort of your office. Please contact us at 512-476-7568 or request a free consultation.






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