3 Major Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Classrooms

3 Major Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Classrooms

You’re school has a desperate need for space but a very limited budget. You may believe you don’t have the time or money required to expand your school. But if you take a look at Ilcor Builders’ custom pre-fabricated classrooms you may find the fit you’re looking for. Portable classrooms offer 3 major benefits that traditional building methods don’t.


Fast Construction

You may have just found out that you’re student body is increasing by 20 or 30% next semester and you’re panicking on where to put them. Many schools face this situation and they are choosing pre-fabricated classrooms because they can speed of the building process. Ilcor Builders’ speedy construction process means that classrooms are ready to be used in weeks instead of months.




Lower Cost

Pre-fabricated classrooms are built with minimal waste, which is not only a greener solution, it saves you money in construction cost. Whether Ilcor Builders is building a classroom, administration building, library, restrooms, or other flexible space building, you can be assured that the lower cost of construction will be passed on to your school. We know that school budgets are tight and we will work with you and your individual budget to fit your school’s needs.



Customization and Flexibility

Ilcor Builders offers full customization of your pre-fabricated building. Unlike other builders who only offer a few floor plans, Ilcor Builders will customize your pre-fabricated building to look just like your traditional styled school, avoiding the eye-sore other builders provide. Additionally, our buildings are completely mobile. Should you decide you no longer need the building or it would be better suited at a different place on your school grounds, we can move your building.



If your school needs more space quickly on a limited budget, try a pre-fabrciated building from Ilcor Builders.


If you’re ready to expand your school or office contact Ilcor Builders for a FREE Consultation.




Ilcor Builders has been building custom pre-fabricated classrooms and office space in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1963. We are a family owned business with over 50 years’ experience providing for the school districts of Texas. We would love the opportunity to discuss your office and classrooms space needs in our design studio in North Austin or at your office. Please contact us at 512-476-7568 or request a free consultation.




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