5 Advantages of Choosing a Small Custom Home Builder

5 Advantages of Choosing a Small Custom Home Builder

When deciding to build a custom home or to renovate your current home, you’ll have many important choices to make. From choosing your floor plan, design, and location, every decision has a lasting effect on the look and feel of your new home. Choosing the right builder is no different. The size of the builder will impact the quality of craftsmanship, service, and availability. There are many reasons to choose to work with a small custom home builder instead of a volume builder. Below are 5 of the biggest advantages.


Build Wherever You Want

Large home builders will focus more on large volume developments than individual plots. While small custom home builders will be familiar with the neighborhood you want to live and what plots are available that will fit your needs. This allows you to pick the neighborhood you want to live instead of picking a plot within a large builder’s tract. Large builders’ tracts are rarely near urban centers, so if you don’t want a long commute, a large volume builder is not your best option.


More Knowledgeable

Smaller custom home builders know their neighborhoods and their neighbors. They are familiar with the local terrain, local building regulations, future neighborhood development projects, and most importantly, which plots and potential home sites are available within your budget.

Additionally, because small home builders only have a handful of employees, every employee wears many hats. You can expect each employee to be able to respond to your questions, know your name, and the status of your current custom home.


Complete Customization, Not Just Custom Aspects

You can expect total customization if you work with a small custom home builder like Ilcor Builders. A small custom home builder is working within your vision, offering a broad range of design options on the lot you choose. Volume builders build many homes at the same time. They will have pre-purchased most of the materials and pre-determined most of your “custom” home’s design elements. You will be allowed to choose your appliances, countertops, and design based on their available pre-selected options, but it won’t be truly custom.

Furthermore, because small home builders have a minimum number of employees, you can expect your contractor on the job daily. This gives you the opportunity to speak directly with the builders about what your like, dislike, and wish to change. And you know your builder will accommodate you, because their professional reputation depends on your satisfaction.


Skin in the Game

Small custom home builders have a lot more skin in the game than a large volume builder. The owners and employees of a small custom home builder grew up in the same community hey work in. Their livelihood depends on their reputation for quality and service. Therefore, not only do they want every single home they build to be a marvel of beauty and craftsmanship, they need to ensure that the process is stress-free and enjoyable. Small custom home builders support your individual decision-making process while keeping in mind high quality standards that will reflect their reputation. Small builders depend on word of mouth, so your opinion of them and their work is extremely valuable.


Attention & Availability

Small custom home builders are usually only working on a few projects at a time. And if you’re lucky, and choose the right time of year, your custom home could be their only current project. This means that they will always be available to take your call. When you have questions, you won’t have to wait to get an answer.

Small custom home builders understand that your custom home is more than just one more home project. It’s your dream backed by your life savings. At Ilcor Builders you’ll get the personal attention and availability you deserve.

The bottom line is if you demand exceptional quality, full customization, attention to detail, and top custom-service and availability from a company that will respect your investment and time, a small custom home builder like Ilcor Builders is the right choice.

Ilcor Builders has been building custom homes in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1963. We are a family owned business with over 50 years’ experience building and remodeling custom homes. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home ideas in our design studio in North Austin or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 512-476-7568 or request a free consultation.



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