Austin's #1 Builder.

Ilcor Builders is a multifaceted construction company. We specialize in light commercial projects as well as residential projects. Since 1963 Ilcor has built throughout the state of Texas and continues to do so today. We build, but are not limited to, wood and steel frame office buildings, office renovations, portable buildings, custom homes, affordable housing, home remodels, and disaster recovery housing.

In 51 years Ilcor Builders has never lost sight of the customer and the importance of each individual project. At Ilcor we intend for our buildings to last, which is why we refuse to cut corners when it comes to quality of materials and workmanship.

When we build, we build it right. We stand behind each project with a responsive and courteous warranty support team. We are proud of our company and encourage you to review our range of services and contact us to see what we can do for you.




Knowledgeable Team

Our current ILCOR family has worked together for 54 years. The newest member of our team has been with us for 2 years, the rest of our ILCOR family has over 20 years working together. Together make a formidable team with immense knowledge and talent. The combination of our construction experience is greater than 100 years.

Built to Last

We have built all over Texas, our portable buildings and homes have seen a lot of bad weather and have survived the storm. We hire quality Engineers and Architect to design a substantial product, be it a Portable Classroom Building, a Commercial Project or a Custom Home.

53+ Years Experience

We have a saying in around here, “When I quit learning something new, I am going to quit.” I don’t know any other business but construction and in my 40 years with ILCOR I learn something new on a regular basis. That is the nature of the construction business, it is always evolving with new techniques and products.

Comprehensive Warranty

We provide a standard one-year whole house warranty. ILCOR has not had many warranty problems, but if an issue arises we are here to go the extra mile to remedy the problem.