Break Ground Without Breaking the Bank: How to build on your lot cost effectively

Break Ground Without Breaking the Bank

How to build on your lot cost effectively.

When building a home on your own lot your first step is usually purchasing your lot. If you’re choosing your lot without the help of a builder, there are a few things you should know.

If you speak to some of Ilcor’s clients who have had the opportunity to build on their lot, they will all tell you that selecting their preferred piece of land and then designing and building a home that fully leverages their unique topography and potential views is an incredibly rewarding experience. Therefore, it’s expected that most people start their home building journey with a lot they want to build on.


Lot Feasibility and Cost to Build

But if you’re considering building on your own lot, your first step, before your purchase a lot, should be a careful assessment of the feasibility and the cost to build on that parcel of land. To the untrained eye a lot may appear easily buildable, but may prove not to be. You may be attracted to a remote or undeveloped area, or the potential views of a ridge-top. Working with an experienced build-on-your-lot home builder, like Ilcor Builders, before you purchase land, can save you from learning a hard lesson in unnecessarily expensive site-work and construction.

When reviewing a potential lot to build on, the inexperienced buyer won’t be able to determine how much pre-construction site work may be necessary to make your lot buildable. Building in a rural area could mean extensive costs in order to connect electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer. Underneath the surface hidden rock formations could make building a proper foundation costly. Before you purchase your lot, contact Ilcor Builders for a buildability assessment of the land you’re considering.

Inviting Ilcor Builders to become part of your land search process can help you avoid difficult lots and save you money with the advance knowledge of what lots are more buildable. That knowledge turns into negotiating power when you have selected a lot to build on. Build-on-your-lot experts and licensed realtors are available at Ilcor Builders to help you select and negotiate the perfect parcel of land to make your home building dreams come true.


You want a Build-On-Your Lot Expert in Developed Neighborhoods Too

Even in more developed neighborhoods having a build-on-your-lot expert like Ilcor Builders on your side will be useful. If you’re considering buying a tear-down property you probably won’t have to deal with issues like connections to utilities, but you may run into other problems.

Some lots may require pier foundations. Others may require extensive excavation work, which could cost you thousands. Beyond the land, other potential lot considerations should include an understanding of the property lines, easements, and local zoning laws. Some neighborhoods have architecture guidelines and review processes that should be considered before purchasing. If you’re determined to build a modern style home, the local neighborhood may not let you build that style.



Leveraging Your Lot Into The Perfect Home

Once you and your builder have selected the perfect lot to build on, the next step is building your perfect custom home. Many first-time home builders think that they need an architect to design their home. Although you may want an architect if you desire something very specific and unique, in most cases an architect is not necessary. Furthermore, not using an architect can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Ilcor Builders wants to save you that money. Which is why Ilcor Builders offers an extensive library of existing home plans with varying floor plans that you can modify to fit your lot. Plans can be modified to take advantage of your lot’s unique views or be modified to keep shade trees. Several of these home plans have already been approved by the city, which will cut down on costs and building time.

Or Ilcor Builders can create a unique custom home plan, drawn from scratch, that will reflect your unique taste, budget, and lot. The team at Ilcor Builders can even create a digital 3D house plan so you can get a real feel of what your home will look like before construction even begins.


Ready to Take The Next Step?

If you’re ready to build on your own lot contact Ilcor Builders for a FREE Consultation.



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