Why build instead of buy? Isn’t it expensive?

Why build instead of buy? Isn’t it expensive?

You may be considering starting the New Year with a new home. Starting 2018 with a new beginning in a new home is an exciting idea. Building a new custom home can be a scary step to take. You may be wondering if you’re ready and if you’re taking the right steps. Ilcor Builders is here to help. We have over 50 years of experience in Austin building custom homes that fits our clients’ dream vision.

In our 50+ years of experience the people of Austin have asked us questions. Two are asked frequently:


Why should we build instead of buying a home that’s already built?

House hunting is an exhausting process that doesn’t always end in getting your dream home. When searching for a home that’s already built, you’ll have certain expectations and criteria that you’re looking for. You want the right number of bedrooms, a designer chef kitchen, a large backyard for entertaining, and it must fit within your budget. The chances of finding EXACTLY what you’re looking for without compromising are very slim. However, when you build with Ilcor Builders you’ll get exactly what you want. Instead of settling for someone else’s design, finishes, hardware, and flooring, you’ll be building the exact configuration that makes up your custom dream home.

Your dream home isn’t just a certain configuration of walls. It’s also location requirements. What’s the point of having the perfect custom home if it’s far from your friends, family, and amenities that you desire? Building a custom home allows you to pick the neighborhood with greater ease. Any piece of land is a potential spot for your dream home.


Isn’t it more expensive to build a custom home than buy a home?

The simple and surprising answer to this question is: No, it is not more expensive to build a custom home. Most of our clients have discovered that building their dream custom home is a more affordable option that buying a pre-built home. This is especially true of nicer, more established neighborhoods. There are many factors that determine the price of buying or building a home. The price of building a custom home starts with the cost of materials and labor. When you build your custom home with Ilcor Builders, not only are you able to select the materials you desire, but you’re in charge of the budget.

A production home or “cookie cutter home” is designed by an architect so that the home can be easily duplicated over and over again. But a custom-built home, built by Ilcor Builders, is truly unique. You will guide the project manager with your vision to determine room sizes, fixtures, layout, and all the other details throughout the design and building process. Our professional and experienced team are here to assist you through the thrilling and fulfilling journey of designing and building your custom home.


Happy New Year from the Ilcor Builders Team! We look forward to guiding you through the journey of building your custom home. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation at our office or in the comfort of your home.





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