A Cost Effective, Smarter, Place For Mom: Ilcor Portable Grandma Cottages

Mother’s Day just passed and as you visited your aging Mom you probably realized that she eventually will need some assistance. She would like to move in and be near her grand-kids, but then you’d lose your sense of independence. And putting your mom in a nursing home is not something you want for the woman who raised you. But what other options do you have?



Building a small cottage on your property for Mom to live in sounds like a great idea. But building a home is expensive, and you won’t be able to recoup your costs when you sell your home later.






But what if you can build a portable home on your property for half of the cost of traditional construction? And what if you can remove or relocate that structure later?




Ilcor Builders’ Portable Grandma Cottages may be your ideal solution!




Our Grandma Cottages can be built in a third of the time as traditional construction, and for half the price!



All of our cottages are custom, so your cottage will fit your backyard space and match your home. Custom features include handicap accessibility, safety handrails, walk-in tubs, safety lighting, surveillance, and soft floors to minimize damage from falls.


A 400sqft Ilcor Portable Grandma Cottage, equipped with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom starts at just $42,000! Compare that to the average cost of a private room in an assisted living community: $90,500 annually, according to a 2012 survey by MetLife.



Our Grandma Cottages are portable, so if Mom decides she’d like to live with your sibling instead, she can move with her cottage. Or if Mom ends up needing full-time assistance in a nursing facility, you can sell or remove you Ilcor Portable Grandma Cottage.


Are you ready to get started on your custom, Ilcor Portable Grandma Cottage?

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  1. Do you have anything like this in Colorado? Or is it something we can pick up and bring to Colorado ?

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