Custom HomeBuilding Phase 6: Construction Begins

Custom HomeBuilding Phase 6: Construction Begins

At this point you’ve gone through a lot of work, made a lot of decisions, and are probably eager to see your custom home take shape. At this point we’ve finalized your budget, made all the decisions regarding your floor plan and elevation, developed the site, and have submitted permits.

Construction Begins

construction begins on your custom home built on your lot austin texasNow you’ll meet with your Superintendent, who will confirm that your jobsite is ready to go. Your Superintendent will ensure the grading is properly done, there is sufficient workspace around your homesite, and the driveway is suitable for heavy construction vehicles. Once he signs off we will create your foundation and begin framing.





Midpoint Inspection

build on your lot austin custom home builder experienced midpoint inspectionHalf way through the building process you’ll meet with your Superintendent for a walk through to see what has been completed thus far. This will give you the opportunity to confirm that the finishes being installed are the ones you ordered or make any last-minute changes. During this midpoint inspection is a great time to ask any questions you have. Once the midpoint inspection is complete the construction crew will have the green light to complete construction.




Remaining on Schedule

staying on schedule when building a custom home on your land lot in austin texasOnce construction has begun, the typical home will take about 5 months to complete. This estimate varies with the size of the home and if there are any special-order materials or unique architectural designs.

Other factors may affect the schedule as well. Rain may delay your construction if it is heavy enough that crews cannot safely work. Although unlikely, subcontractor availability can influence the construction schedule. Ilcor has close relationships with our subcontractors but ultimately, they keep their own schedule. Subcontractor availability delays are rare, but they can happen.





Ilcor Builders is Here to Help

Building a custom home is a complicated and confusing process, but with our 50+ years of experience we will help keep you on track. If you have questions: We have answers.


Take the First Step

When you’re ready, contact a custom home expert at Ilcor Builders to schedule your initial meeting.


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Ilcor Builders has been building custom homes on your lot in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1963. We are a family owned business with over 50 years’ experience building custom homes. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home in our design studio in North Austin or in the comfort of your home. Please contact us at 512-476-7568 or request a free consultation.




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