Custom Homebuilding’s Hidden Costs

Custom Homebuilding’s Hidden Costs

And how to avoid them


For the majority of potential homeowners affordability is the number one concern. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned homeowner you want to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Because of this many potential homeowners rule out building a custom home for fear of unexpected ‘hidden’ costs. But in reality, there are only a few obstacles that can cause additional costs. By acquainting yourself with these potential pitfalls of custom homebuilding you can easily avoid these ‘hidden’ costs.


Most Common

The majority of Ilcor Builders’ custom home customers don’t experience unexpected costs during their custom home build. But occasionally changes to your construction plan and factors outside of Ilcor’s control, can lead to needing additional funding. Here are the most common reasons you may need additional funding:


Site Plan Changes

ilcor builders site work build on your lot custom luxury home builderAn added cost may occur if you make a change to your site plan after custom home planning has begun. Once the custom home plan is set it’s best not to make any changes, including site plan changes. Once excavation and site development has begun, if you decide to change the location or orientation of your home, this will add additional costs, and likely, will delay the construction process.






Change Orders

change order unexpected costs custom home builderOnce construction has begun it’s best not to make any changes to your custom home plan. If you want to add an extra closet, breakfast nook, or skylight, it’s best to make this change well before construction has begun—during the planning process. Changes will add cost and delay the construction of your home. Furthermore, because construction has begun, the change will cost a premium due to having to purchase materials and find labor spontaneously.



Lot Conditions

lot inspection build on your lot custom home builderUnusual lot conditions such as a sloped lot or high water table may lead to unexpected costs. These costs are very unusual because Ilcor Builders will always evaluate your lot personally, and using over 50 years of experience, will inform you of potential lot related costs.






There’s a saying in Texas; “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes”. Our rapid weather changes can sometimes lead to construction delays, which can lead to additional costs. Because of these potential weather delays Ilcor Builders plans by adding a few days to your construction and protecting materials that are delivered on-site. Again, our 50+ years of experience has taught us what to expect and how to avoid unexpected costs for our customers.


Permits & Impact Fees

austin building permit process custom home build on your lotDifferent jurisdictions can vary with their permit turnaround times and have the potential to carry impact fees. Within most districts that Ilcor Builders builds turnaround time is about 2 weeks however impact fees can vary depending on your location. If you desire to build in a unique area the permitting process can last months, and you may face an impact fee regardless of where you wish to build. If you have questions about the area you plan to build, please give us a call and we can give you our most educated estimate about any potential delays or costs.



As you begin the exciting journey of building a custom home it’s important to understand the process, so you can avoid unexpected delays and costs.  Working with Ilcor Builders allows you to lean on 50+ years of experience building custom homes in the Austin, Texas area and avoid anything unexpected. Whether you’re looking for land or assessing a lot that you already own, Ilcor Builders can make your custom home dream a reality.



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