4 Reasons to Choose Portable Classrooms for Your School District

4 Reasons to Choose Portable Classrooms for Your School District

Portable classrooms have become increasingly popular as schools face overcrowding challenges and low school budgets. Portable classrooms are cheaper, quickly constructed, and an easy solution for many school districts.

Ilcor portable classrooms can provide space for your growing student body without disrupting your school with noisy and time-consuming construction. In other words, classrooms can be quickly assembled while school is in session.


What is a portable classroom?

A portable classroom is a classroom that is partially constructed off-site, and completed at your site location. Unlike most portable classroom builders, Ilcor designs only custom portable buildings, allowing you to customize the look and design of your classroom to fit your needs and blend in with your current school.


What are the advantages of Ilcor Custom Portable Classrooms?



Portable classrooms, often called modular classrooms, offer flexibility to a school that needs more space for incoming students. As the name suggests, portable buildings can be moved around as your needs change. Your building can be used temporarily and removed once it is no longer needed. It can be moved to a different school in your district, or just a different area of your campus.


Custom Design Options:

Ilcor Portable Classrooms are custom designed to meet your needs. Whether you need a traditional classroom, art room, home economics kitchen, gym, or anything else your school may require, Ilcor offers custom designs to meet the needs of your rapidly expanding student body. If the classroom will not be moved again, an exterior façade of brick, mortar, etc can be added to better match your current school structure. Ilcor offers everything you’d want in from a traditional construction building.



As your student body varies from year to year, you may find yourself needing an immediate solution to accommodate incoming students. Ilcor Portable Classrooms may be your ideal solution. Taking less than half the time of building a traditional structure, Ilcor Portable Classrooms can be ready to accommodate your incoming students in as little as 10 weeks.




Ilcor Portable Classrooms can be half the price of traditional construction, depending on the level of customization you desire. Saving money on construction can allow you to spend your tight school budget on things that are more important to your school, students, and staff.


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