Benefits of Moving Grand Parents to Your Home

Benefits of Moving Grand Parents to Your Home


Financial Help












Although it may seem counter intuitive, grandparents can offer significant financial security to your household. Seniors control over 3/4th of the nation’s wealth and your parents would likely have no problem pitching in. Between their Social Security, Pensions, and Savings, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have the ability to be financially secure.


















Retired seniors have an abundance of time. That time can be used to help raise their grandchildren and help your household run smoothly. Especially in families with two working parents, this extra childcare and assistance is extremely valuable.




Love & Affection









Especially in two income households, children can feel like they aren’t getting enough love and affection. But with grandparents in the home, continual love and support is freely given leading to happier and better adjusted children.




Knowledge & Respect

Grandparents are wealth of knowledge and life lessons that they can pass down to you and their grandchildren. Having grandparents in the home gives your children ready access to lessons of the past while establishing respect for their elders.


Life Purpose

Allowing your parents to come live with your family gives them a renewed sense of purpose in life. They’ll get regular exercise and have more energy as they help with homework and engage your kids in activities.


Multigenerational households have many advantages for you and your kids, the only issue becomes mutual privacy. Thankfully at Ilcor Builders we have a solution. Our Portable Grandma Cottages can keep your parents close by while maintaining enough distance for privacy and independence. Best of all, they are surprisingly affordable!


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