Proud Green Builder

Austin Green Sustainable Builder

ilCOR Builders is Proud to Build Green.

ILCOR Homes is dedicated to conservation of energy and natural resources.  We have completed more than 75 homes working with Austin Energy Green Building Program.  Our homes have been rated from 3 to 4 stars, based on a 1 to 5-star rating system.



ILCOR has completed Green Boots Training Program with Austin Energy a 6-month course in the design and philosophy of building Green.  We have completed and were awarded our Graduate Master Builder Certification from the National Home Builders Association.  ILCOR Homes is a ICC (International Code Council) certified builder.    Furthermore, we attend continuing education programs throughout the year to keep in good standing with the above certifications.  As a custom home builder we understand the dynamics of the building business and how it is continually evolving.

Insulation Systems

  • Standard features of our custom homes are minimum of R-15 exterior wall (No VOC) insulation when using 2”x4” wall system and R-38 Blown in ceiling insulation.
  • Typically, customers like to use 2”x6” exterior wall framing to bump up the insulation value to R-22, using fiberglass (No VOC) insulation, for a minimum cost. Still using R-38 Blown in ceiling insulation.
  • Our best energy saving system is a sealed envelope system, where we use open cell spray foam on the exterior wall and the bottom of the roof deck. When using this system, you can reduce you HVAC cooling tonnage and introduce fresh air to keep the home very comfortable.    It really is amazing the difference in comfort of the home with the sealed envelope system.

Our insulation installers meet Energy Star Grade 1 installation requirements.


Strapping Systems

We are very unusual, as not many builders use a Simpson Strong Tie systems in their homes. This system is a conglomeration of metal straps and clips that re-enforce the framing of the building. We have had carpenters tell us over the years that no other builder uses as many ties in their homes. Our response is, “If you want to frame homes for us you will install the ties as directed.” Once the job is finished, they inevitably say, “Well, it’s not going anywhere.” Our inevitable response is, “That’s what we want.”



ILCOR Homes will advise our Customers of alternative locally sources for products they desire.

The majority of construction waste is returned to our warehouse for reuse or recycling.



Commissioning of Blower Door Test – Whole House Leakage Test.

Duct Blaster Test – Duct Leakage, Air Distribution and Performance.

90% LED Lighting.


We limit the water line runs from the water heater to the fixtures.

Use Water Sense Plumbing Fixtures.


Pest Control

ILCOR Homes uses a Borate treatment sprayed on to the studs of the Home after all penetrations have been made by the Electrician, Plumber and Mechanical Contractors and those penetrations have been sealed.  We prefer this method over poising the ground.


Natural Day Lighting and Ventilation

During the Design process day lighting and ventilation considerations will be reviewed for optimal natural lighting and cross ventilation.

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