In 1975, I made a decision to take my bride and move to Texas to start a family.  My father owned a heavy machinery construction company in Missouri, so starting at the age of 9 he instilled in me honest hard work ethics.  After graduating from LSU in 1974 and working on my Masters at Indiana University for a year, my wife, Suzanne, and I moved to her home town of Austin Texas.  Being friends with Bob and Margaret Kelly, founders of ILCOR, both my wife and I became employees. Suzi as a secretary and myself as a truck driver/warehouse foreman.  This was a new type of construction business for me and I wanted to learn from the ground up how it was done.  I worked my way up from truck driver to inside the office, becoming an estimator, then outside sales person, to actually being in the field supervising work all over the state of Texas. I've seen a lot of changes in the construction field, but I've always had a passion to build and design. Not only buildings, but relationships. My 40+ years with ILCOR and the 10 years of working for my father's business, has equipped me to be the builder I am today. Representing God first, I want to create an honest, hardworking, ethical reputation as a builder. My goal is to build the "perfect structure".  That's a lofty goal and I'm still striving to obtain it!  My promise to you is that, I will give you my all and do my best to be that builder whose goal is to build you that "perfect structure". ILCOR being in business for over 50+ years is a corporation with a family run attitude devoted to serving you.  As a team, the ILCOR family will do its best to satisfy you and along the way make new friends. After all of these years, I still find this business challenging and exciting. We are waiting to meet you and your building needs, so give us a call.