Things to Look for in a Build-On-Your-Lot Custom Home Builder

Things to Look for in a Build-On-Your-Lot Custom Home Builder



A builder who specializes in building on your lot is very different from a traditional home builder. There’s a level of expertise and knowledge required to find a lot and build a home that leverages that specific lot’s location and topography. Here are a few things to look for in a Build-On-Your-Lot Custom Home Builder:


Select a builder with plenty of experience building on their customers’ land. There are many custom home builders out there, but most of them only have experience building in master-planned communities where the infrastructure is already in place. If you end up with a builder that doesn’t have experience connecting water, gas, electrical and sewer to new land, you might end up blowing you budget on their learning experience. Be sure to choose a builder with build-on-your lot expertise.


Select a builder that offers a large collection of adaptable floor plans or ability to create a custom floor plan that takes advantage of topography of your lot. There’s no need for an architect if your builder offers in-house home design. Save you money without cutting corners and select a builder that can create your ideal custom home in-house.


Select a builder that’s big, but not too big. You want to work with a builder that’s large enough that they have significant buying power. That buying power translates to bulk discounts and getting the best price for materials, appliances, flooring, etc. That savings is passed on to you. But you also don’t want to work with a builder that’s too large. A builder that’s too large won’t give you the individual attention that you deserve and will be reluctant to offering full customization to your custom home project.


Select a builder that’s been around for a while and offers a solid home warranty program. Remember, a 10-year home warranty doesn’t mean very much if the builder has only been around 8 years. If possible, check out the homes the builder built 20 or 30 years ago. That will give you a clear idea of how your home will hold up over the years.


Selecting a build-on-your-lot custom home builder is an important decision. Ilcor Builders has been building on clients’ lots for over 50 years. Contact us for a FREE, No Obligation, Consultation at our office, or in the comfort of your own home.


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